CETIN Bulgaria acquires Sofia Communications Ltd and Raccom Ltd

CETIN Bulgaria acquires Sofia Communications Ltd and Raccom Ltd

Sofia, 13 July 2021 CETIN Bulgaria, provider of telecommunication and IT infrastructure solutions and services, has acquired the technological company Sofia Communications Ltd. It operates on the territory of Sofia and has its own optical network, with dense coverage of the capital and its surrounding areas. Raccom Ltd, offering a variety of Internet services to a large number of business customers using the Sofia Communications Ltd's network, will also be acquired as part of the deal.

The acquisition by CETIN Bulgaria will result not only in expansion of the team, but also in the scope of the services it offers to businesses.

“As a regional leader in the provision of first rate services and excellent network infrastructure, it is CETIN Bulgaria's primary goal to create added value for our customers. The acquisition of a company with long-standing experience and traditions in providing connectivity solutions was the next logical step in our development strategy”, Petar Mudrinić, Chief Executive Officer of CETIN Bulgaria said.

Sofia Communications Ltd was established in December 2001 for the delivery of MAN services using the first alternative urban optic network at that time. The company is among the leading providers of fiber optic services in Sofia, and telecom solutions for business customers.

“We, in CETIN Bulgaria, continuously work with our customers to further expand our service portfolio. I am confident that with the joint efforts of the highly qualified teams of the two companies, CETIN Bulgaria will affirm its position as a driver of the digital transformation in Bulgaria with even more innovative technological solutions,” Lyudmilla Dilova, Commercial Director of CETIN Bulgaria, added.

CETIN Bulgaria was established in July 2020 as a spinoff from Telenor Bulgaria. The company has more than 200 employees and provides a wide range of high-quality mobile and fixed infrastructure services to its customers.

About CETIN Bulgaria:

CETIN Bulgaria is a wholesale network and infrastructure services provider. The company operates mobile access and transport network throughout Bulgaria with two optical rings and own data centers in Sofia and Plovdiv, ensuring reliable services. The domestic network is extended by optical transborder connections. Thanks to its network and IT infrastructure, employees and consumer-driven approach, CETIN Bulgaria provides its customers with first class experience. By owning and managing one of the largest electronic communications networks in Bulgaria, CETIN Bulgaria constantly develops technology, anticipating future needs today. CETIN Bulgaria is part CETIN Group and PPF Group.

About CETIN Group

CETIN companies are wholesale providers of fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure

Founded as a result of innovation and true entrepreneurship, CETIN was formed in 2015 after a successful structural separation between O2 Czech Republic and its spin off CETIN. In 2020, a similar separation of retail and infrastructure business of three Telenor branded operators occurred in Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia, making the CETIN Group one of the CEE’s largest wholesale providers of telecommunications infrastructure services.

About the PPF Group:

PPF Group is an international investment company investing in multiple market segments including financial services, telecommunications, biotechnology, real estate and mechanical engineering. The reach of PPF Group spans from Europe to North America and across Asia. The Group owns assets worth EUR 44 billion, employs 98,000 people globally (as at 30 June 2020) and operates in 25 countries.