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Innovative work environment


learning options




Contributing to digital transformation

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We drive digital transformation by providing cutting-edge communication infrastructure solutions. By monitoring global technological trends and understanding consumer insights, we can best anticipate the needs of our customers and their end-users.

Our inspirational and flexible work environment awaits talented candidates who by our side wish to realise their inner potential and help us drive the digital transformation.

Significance of human relationships

If there is a singular truth in our world, it’s that we are nothing without the exceptionally skilled, motivated, and talented group of individuals whom we are proud to call our colleagues. We welcome seasoned professionals, but also work with young, talented individuals with less experience but are hungry and eager to learn. To be the best, we realize we need to surround ourselves with the best.

Freedom and flexibility

Flexible work opportunities allow us to work efficiently. From remote work, flexible working hours, part-time work, or creative freedom, we strive to achieve the much-desired work-life balance.

Take a look at the current open positions. If something catches your eye, please apply and join us now!

Employee stories

What do those who live in its culture every day say about CETIN? Read their stories.
PPF Telecom Group alarmed by regulatory decision taken in Bulgaria
PPF Telecom Group B.V. (or “PPF Telecom“), which includes the telecommunications companies Yettel and the infrastructure telecommunications companies CETIN, is concerned about a regulatory decision taken in Bulgaria that will effectively undermine competition in the telecommunications market in Bulgaria and thus lead to the creation of a dominant player to the detriment of consumers.
A day in the shoes of... The IP engineer with concerts from Pomorie to Finland
What connects the CETIN office in Sofia, the metal band Nightwish, the town of Kitee in Finland, Pomorie and church music? At first glance, nothing. Until you meet Rositsa Delieva. Rossi is an IP Engineer in the Transport Network Planning department at CETIN, a technology company dedicated to building telecommunications infrastructure and information security solutions
A day in the shoes of... the finance chief who puts people above numbers
You might think accounting is a boring activity, dependent on numbers and far from human contact. But Galya Ilieva will easily disprove you - with a smile, with friendliness, with a human attitude, with putting people above numbers, and with highlighting the meaning in her work beyond mere financial balances